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Investment Management

Investment management to achieve your goals.

We utilize active investment strategies balancing short-term market conditions while still investing in your long-term goals.

The investment phase of our relationship begins after we finish our financial planning. We first need to know everything possible about your situation, and only then can we recommend an appropriate investment plan. The investment plan we recommend will be made in consultation with you prior to implementation. We want to make sure you understand our recommendations and agree with how we will proceed.  

Once we’ve agreed to an investment plan, we draft an investment policy statement for your signature which will act as our guidelines on how we will invest on your behalf going forward,  and then it is our job to execute that plan in a consistent and disciplined manner as promised.

We pay particular attention to managing your assets in the most efficient manner using retirement and non-retirement accounts to maximize growth and stability at the same time. Finding the right balance and level or risk for your investments is the key to long-term success.

We also provide advice on assets we do not actively manage on your behalf such as 401(k) plans and other outside accounts, though we will not charge a fee on these assets. We want to make sure nothing has been left out and every asset is accounted for, leading to a comprehensive investment strategy.  

Our service includes, but is not limited to:


Investment strategy and mix of stocks and bonds based on your personal profile. 

Stock Options and RSU's 

Review and execute a strategy for employer compensation plans. 

401(k) Investment Advice

Advise and provide recommendations for employer retirement plans. 

Account Optimization 

Efficiently direct investments between retirement and taxable brokerage accounts.