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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is where we start for every client.

This means creating a plan for all your future goals, accounting for unexpected events as they come up, and making sure all your questions are answered. 

Financial planning is where we start with every client.  Our job is to put you in a position where you have the highest probability of success in achieving your goals. We not only will map out both short and long-term objectives from the start, but also have a process to follow-up on your plan to make sure it is executed and carried out as desired. 

Our process begins with establishing an understanding of how much you save and spend on an annual basis. We use our software tools to help retrieve and organize this data, and once we all have a firm grasp on where you stand, it allows us to create various scenarios to help you contemplate changes or unexpected events in your life. 

Our financial planning is meant to encompass virtually all aspects of your personal finances, including retirement planning, college planning, insurance analysis, changes of employment, major expenditures and the list goes on. 

Though it takes team work on both our sides to put forth a comprehensive financial plan, the real work comes with the follow-up and execution of the plan. We want to stay engaged with you to monitor where you are and make sure all your good intentions are not forgotten and placed in the desk drawer.  

Our service includes, but is not limited to:

Retirement Planning

We work together to plan and prepare for your retirement to ensure success. 

Cash Flow Planning

We will help you navigate where the money will come from for your projects and goals. 


Using our software, we will track and automate your expenses.

College Planning

Assess how much you will need to save for public or private college

Insurance Analysis

A thorough analysis on life, home, auto and other insurance requirements.

Social Security Estimate

Evaluate when you should begin retirement income, and how much income it will provide.